What is a Concept Map?

What is a Concept Map?

A concept map is a visual map of concepts and their relations using simple graphics and words. On a concept map, squares and circles are drawn which each contain a primary concept word or phrase. These primary concepts are connected by linking phrases and arrows that represent the relationships between the concepts. A concept may have many links to many other concepts.

Why do people create Concept Maps?

Concept maps are a great tool to help people develop their logical and critical thinking on a particular topic. Concept Maps are useful to help reveal connections and help students see how individual ideas connect to a greater whole. Seeing how concepts connect to each other is an essential part of understanding systems. People are living in and working on systems with higher and higher levels of complexity each day and so Concept Maps are one of the best tools for taming this complexity.

I think the most important use of Concept Maps is to help people develop new and creative solutions to difficult and complex problems.

Who uses Concept Maps?

Concept Maps are used all around the world by any person that is learning or helping other people learn. Obviously this includes students attending educational courses. Not-so-obviously this also includes knowledgeable experts who also need tools such as Concept Maps to further develop their knowledge.

How do people make Concept Maps?

Concept Maps can be created using pen and paper or graphical software. They are often created by an individual person and sometimes they are created by groups of people. I really like creating Concept Maps with groups of people because I find it fascinating to see new shared knowledge form by connecting multiple perspectives.

Where are Concept Maps used?

Concept Maps are used at schools and educational institutions. They are used at large businesses and corporations. They are used in government and non-governmental organizations. Quite simply, Concept Maps are used everywhere, all around the world.

I wonder if Concept Maps are used in space? The following is a Concept Map by NASA:

NASA Concept Map - Electricity

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